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5th and 6th Grade Boys & Girls Tournament Rules


Tournament Traditions

Foul Shooting Competition

One player from each team (selected by their coach) participates. Prior to their first game the selected player shoots 20 foul shots. The player that makes the most foul shots is the winner. In the case of a tie, those players will shoot another 20 foul shots until a winner is determined. 6th grade team winners will receive a $200.00 Visa gift card and a Foul Shooting Trophy.  The 5th Grade team winners will receive an indoor/outdoor basketball and Foul Shooting Trophy.

Special Olympics Donation

A long standing tradition and one of the things that makes The Paper City Classic special is our Knockout Competition for Special Olympics. We welcome all players, parents, and fans to support this wonderful cause by donating $1.00 and participating in a game of Knockout during halftime of every game. The winner of each game of Knockout will receive a tournament T-shirt and all the money collected will be given to the Special Olympics.


Another little thing that makes the Paper City Classic special is the decorating of the gyms for the week of the tournament. We encourage all teams to make posters to hang on the walls behind the player benches during games.


Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament is a Pool Play Format, only one game will decide the Championship.
  2. Entry fee is $195 per team. Make checks payable to; Westbrook Paper City Classic.
  3. All officials will be provided by the Paper City Classic Tournament Committee. Board officials will be used for all games.
  4. IF YOU CHOOSE, you may email me the information needed to complete the roster located on the last page of the packet to
    Paper City Hoops
    c/o Lewis Lampron
    34 Cardinal St.
    Westbrook, ME 04092
  5. Team roster will be limited to a maximum of 14 per team. No names may be added or changed once they have been turned in. If, for any reason, there is a question of eligibility of any ball player, they will not be allowed to dress or play in any game until proven eligible to play. Games will not be delayed to prove eligibility and will continue as scheduled. Any player found to be ineligible and playing in any games will cause team forfeiture of all games played. Only 5th and 6th graders are allowed to play.
  6. Each team will be responsible for their valuables. A team representative may collect all valuables upon arriving at the gymnasium. He (she) may then present all valuables to one of our tournament personnel, who will lock up the items for safe keeping until the team is ready to depart for home.
  7. Teams must arrive at least one-half (1/2) hour before the start of their game. Report directly, as a team, to admissions table for locker room assignment. Only team coaches, players and managers will be allowed into the games without paying admission fees.
  8. Teams must be on the court, ready to play at game time or suffer forfeiture. In the event the previous game runs over the specified time limit, teams participating in the next game must be ready to play five (5) minutes after the preceding game ends.
  9. Each team coach will be responsible for presenting the Scorer's Table with the names of the starting line-up with uniform numbers and positions, plus the remaining names and members of team members within ten minutes of game time. All players and coaches will be introduced over the P.A. system prior to their game, if time allows.
  10. No A.A.U. or All-Star teams are allowed in the Tournament.
  11. The coach of each team is responsible for the proper conduct of his/her players, other coaches, team members, and fans associated with the team, as well as his/her own behavior while participating in the Tournament. If proper behavior is not exhibited by those people associated with said team, it could result in forfeiture of all games and expulsion from the tournament at that time and in the future.
  12. Admission per day (for all games on that day): $3.00 Youth (High School age and younger) $5.00 Adults
  13. Games will be 2 (15 minute) halves with the clock stopping for all dead balls. Half time will be 5 minutes, which at this time our Knock-Out competition will be held. All proceeds will go to Special Olympics. Any remaining time can be used for warm-ups. Any protests will be handled by the Tournament Committee (consisting of the Tournament Directors and Referee-in-Chief of the Tournament.
  14. Each team is allowed 4 time-outs per game. No additional time-outs added for an overtime period.
  15. In case of tie, there will be a two minute overtime period.
  16. The three point shot will be utilized in all games.
  17. Foul Shots – All players must begin their free throw from behind the 15 foot free throw line, but may go over the line on their attempt, providing they are not trying to gain an advantage on the potential rebound.
  18. Full Court Press – Any time until you are 10 or more points ahead.
  19. Only Person to Person Defense is allowed, an obvious zone defense would result in a warning. Continued abuse would result in a Technical Foul. Illegal defense is determined by Officials judgement.
  20. Double Teaming the ball are permitted within the three point arc.
  21. Mercy Rule – Five minutes left in the game with a team leading by 20 points, clock will be running time for the remainder of the game.
  22. Refreshments (hot dogs, soft drinks, and snacks) will be available for purchase at the concession stand located within the Middle School and High School.
  23. Awards:
    6th Grade (Boys & Girls)
    1. First place will receive individual player medals, along with Championship T-shirts.
    2. Second place will receive individual player medals.
    3. All players will receive tournament T-shirts.
    4. Tournament Most Valuable Player Award will be presented at the end of the Championship game
    5th Grade (Boys & Girls)
    1. First place will receive individual player trophies, along with Championship T-Shirts
    2. Second place will receive individual player trophies
    3. MVP Trophy will be presented at the end of each game.
  24. Weekday Games:
    1st Game 5:45PM
    2nd Game 7:00PM

  25. Any combination 5th/6th Grade teams will need to play in the 6th Grade pool.

Only one game will decide the Championship!


Please contact Lewis Lampron, 772-5591, with any questions

Send Entry Fee & Completed Roster to:
Lewis Lampron
34 Cardinal St.
Westbrook, ME 04092